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Very good movement

great advantage of these sports centers is that they to ") can be engaged as a yearling baby and his father.Little kids love to imitate, eager to compete with mom, dad, sconces or that sister.These classes are all like, create good contact between parents and children, while developing strength, agility, flexibility bone coordination.If equipped with a sports area is not possible, then podoy wee physical exercises to creatively: Use as sports equipment pattern carpet, chair, low coffee table, playground equipment.Very good movement to improve child tion outdoors while hiking.Uneven ground and descents, uphill (flat and steep), the stones on the road, the roots of the trees, the grooves - all this helps to develop the baby's sense of power equilibrium, coordination of movements.

Techniques include: ) the treatment

Start gymnastics wrong with exercises based on innate reflexes newborn.These exercises are active, they are more forgiving than passive, ie exercises that adult about lead themselves, such as bending and straightening your child's feet.Techniques include: ) the treatment of the situation, ) medical gim nastika ) classical techniques and acupressure.These methods can be used simultaneously (in concert) or serially ( alternate).Preferential use of one or the other method is defined as the state of health of the child and his disease, but also trenirovannostju body during training.

Raise the baby

Breast Massage Make stroking his upper chest - times, then - according to glazhivanie intercostal spaces - Islands of Podtantsovy Vibrating massage the chest (see II complex number )."Guy" on the back I.n.: Baby lying on his back.Grasp the child so that your hands are placed on the back- side surface of the body at the bottom of rudnoy cells.Raise the baby in the horizontal position.In response to this situation the child's head leans forward and tighten all the muscles in the front surface of the body .

Of the total number

Anorexia can be life-threatening, this disease is very difficult to treat.Of the total number of patients with anorexia nervosa, 20% never recover.Weight loss of 25% or more and the failure to remain within the normal weight Strong fear of getting fat Perception of themselves as a very fat man, despite his real leanness.In women, the absence of at least three consecutive menstrual cycles Of all patients with anorexia nervosa 90% are women, often teenagers.

On the street

Work for Galina in the first place, but it does not have the problem of time

If there are signs

Antibiotic therapy should be based on the sensitivity of microorganisms isolated from urine to antibiotics.Changing drug treatment is carried out for a long time.If there are signs of intoxication, dizureticheskih disorders, pain antibacterial therapy with drugs such as ampicillin, ampioks, cephalosporins, carbenicillin, the introduction of which is preferably carried out by intramuscular injection 3-4 times a day.Aminoglycoside antibiotics are considered redundant, which is administered with the ineffectiveness of the above drugs, 2 times a day for children older than 6 years of age.Nitrofuranovye drugs - furadonin, furagin, furazolidone, solafur.Preparations nalidoksovoy acid - nevigramon, blacks, drugs 5-NOC Nicodin.

Why is this

Disgusting habits: picking your noseWhen you notice how your kid picks his nose, your first reaction is, 'Oh my God, stop this vile picking! ", And the expression of your face at this moment worthy of Jimma Carrie at moments when his face like a rubber


Currently , there are 15 basic diets or nutritional therapy tables.The main types of diets Diet number 1 promotes the normalization of gastric various destructive, inflammatory and secretory-motor disorders of its activities.Provides for the restriction of food, having mechanical, chemical and thermal stimuli receptor apparatus of the stomach (the maximum limit - diet number 1a, a significant limitation - number 16 diet, moderate restriction - number 1 diet), as well as food, prone to long digestion.Food must be fractional, small portions, at least 5-6 times a day.Indications for use: g and with t r and t s , p and h l and h n o d e r and l on g and u; I h in e n n a i b o l e s n s w e l y d to a and d to e n a d a p t and p e r s t n o d k and w to u .Chandrasekhar with a m t and n and p e m and n and u and - n e m e n e f 5 -6 p and s in t h e e n and e e n i.Features cooking: chopping, pureeing, deekstragirovanie (boiling in water or a couple) of meat, fish, vegetables, with the exception of meat, fish, vegetables, Navara, roasting and saute, restriction of sodium chloride up to 8 g / day.

Picking etsya he not passport

They differ from the complexes for healthy full-term children more gradual increase in load as in the computer Lexie and throughout the st year of life (for example, if the donor deprived of their peers provided complexes -, for the children of this group - ) .It offers a choice of over dosage and indi vidual load.For premature infants in group also chosen complex massage and gymnastics of the nine submitted complexes.Picking etsya he not passport age child, and according to its level of psychomotor development.Premature babies rd and th groups are not only more pronounced conjugated time shifts in the development of neuropsychiatric reactions and movements, they can be and neurological disorders associated with CNS disease, more common diseases of the locomotor apparatus, organs respiratory and other organs and systems.When selecting complex for this group of children should take into account the more be interpreted not chronological age of the child, and the true, which is determined by the level of its development.

It is important

He understands the feelings that are experienced when moving forward.At months old baby is lifted on straightened arms, relying only on the palm.It is important to brush the baby was well disclosed, fingers straightened.To achieve this, clap hands kami child on their palms, on various solid surfaces (table, wall, etc.).Three-four-child becomes more sociable: on begins to "gulit", often smiling.On appeal adults and affectionate conversation answers "complex revival": the joy expressed SMILE Coy, sounds and active movements of arms and legs (as a child would dare smiling the whole body).

With the disappearance

Language in the first days of illness thickly coated with white bloom, with two-third of the day begins to be cleaned, it becomes bright red, grainy, recalling ripe raspberries ("strawberry tongue").Acute period of illness lasts 4-5 days, and then the child is improving.With the disappearance of the rash and decreased body temperature goes angina.At the end of the first week of illness skin starts to peel off in the form of delicate flakes first on the face, and then the trunk and limbs.Scarlet fever may develop after infection with streptococcus wound ("surgical scarlet fever"), burn surfaces and streptococcal skin diseases.


Calamine lotion

As the child is 6 months

Children aged from nine months to one year should be given soy mixture with s in a cup along with their food.If a child - over 1 year old and is already eating solid food, it is best just to add to his diet of soy or rice milk fortified with calcium and vitamin D.Remarkably, when the child is transferred to solid food more sparing yaschim way.For example, two feeding can be eliminated, when the baby is one year and only one bottle per day.This is a good way out in cases when the baby loves cargo The battery feeding or artificial nutrition and unwilling to part with him even after he successfully began to drink from a cup soy the child is 6 months old, converting it to food from a bottle.Some babies refuse food because of the rubber bottle nipples, which is not as soft and warm as a mother's breast.


).P p on p and n and m to and for a t e p u and n in k l w h a e t in with e b I of b l u d e n e and g and g and f n and h e i s o r o p e w and m and n p and to on p m l e n and and p e b e n to a with d e s and n f e a c e and d with about a to about a d o and p o s l e to o p l m e n and i, n p and a and l s n o n e p and l a d s c a n e and p e b e n to a to g p y q and with t e m , h t o b s o n z and x and in t s in a l n e t o l s to about to about to about to , n on and on b l a s t s in about a p y Mr.e r o.K on p m e n n e and d o n w n o d l and t s a i n e b o l e e 10-15 m and n in t .W and with tons of th m of about l to n and p of I in I l e t i have a l e and h e n e and m to about l and h e a r c a m o l o to a , with o p p o in o w d and w u and m i chest pain.Sometimes the temperature increases.Typically, these effects disappear when an equilibrium between secretion and intake quantity of milk.

White slippery

In turn, the cholesterol in your As you now know, the lack in the diet of animal products (all kinds of meat, eggs and dairy products) will provide your body with a low level of cholesterol.All kinds of fruits, vegetables, cereals and legumes contain ho lesterin and saturated fat in them is very small.Care should be taken so that the fat intake was minimal.White slippery environment.This refers to all types of fat.Vegetable oil, which is fried, oil, which is added to a salad, as well as animal fat, can reduce the functioning of white blood cells.

In severe cases, patients

Restrict salt intake to 2 - 3 g per day.In severe uremic lesions of the gastrointestinal tract used repeated gastric lavage and cleansing enemas with 2% sodium bicarbonate solution.Holds special significance correction of acid-base state of the organism (intravenous infusions of 5% sodium bicarbonate solution).Demonstrates the use of diuretics and antihypertensive drugs.In severe cases, patients are shown hemodialysis or kidney transplantation.Methods of study of urine formation and urinary In recognition of the diseases of the urinary organs occupy an important place radiographic and instrumental methods of research: of b s p o n a i r e n t e r n o g r and f and h i n g to about; t o m o d c f and I; e to to to p e r o p n and I have p o d p and p and I ( with a in e d e n and f m to o n t r a a t n o r o in e u e s t in a); a n g and g r and f and i (n Kozlov in about l i t e I'm in the s and t s n a t o l o g and h e lis h p r o c e s s, n and m p and m e p o p y x about l, n o and s m e n e n th s about to have d and T otal p and n to have a n h e c o); C o m p u t e r n a i t o m o d c f and I; t o m o r p and p and I with m p and m e n e n and m e i d e r n o- m and r n and t n o r o p e s o n a n with a ( I M P), with n of m o u s w to o t o p otal n on l y h a e t i s e c o m e n o f o b s and p and w n e p to about to about to otal and m o r g o o d in about a liter of n and p i e n x m and s h o n e c a d a p r e a d e l e n w n e c o t o p s x x and m and h i s e x and h and s t and p in g o r a n s m e.

Besides the fact

Salt strengthens the shell beans, which increases the time of their preparation.Therefore, add salt only when the beans are already soft.freezer.Reducing the amount of fat Fatty foods high in calories.Besides the fact that a diet high in fat contributes to excess weight, it also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes type 2 (affecting people in a mature age) and some ve rows cancer.Clicking on a vegetable diet, you can greatly reduce the amount of fat consumed.Outlined below tips will help you even more to reduce its quantity.Choose these cooking methods that do not require add oil.Instead of fried foods cook baked, steamed, grilled.Another way to fence himself from Lipschitz fat - is to cook a vegetable cell Vai fry ingredients in water or vegetable broth.

You may be surprised

" You can become a child a good example to follow, if will never criticize her figure and will eat the same healthy food that you offer your child.Do not spend a lot of time and talk about appearance and diet.You may be surprised how much your comments about herself, as well as actions in this area have an impact on the child.Avoid phrases like "I can not eat, I'm on a diet "or" I hate the beach season." Try to listen to what your body is required, whether the need to eat, exercise or rest.because of his own imperfections, try to talk about the ideas or activities that interest you, or are related to people who are dear to you.Did you also notice the ease with which you perceive the interest, concern and compliments others.

Adding mashed

To enrich porridge mineral salts to be added to it various puree - berry, fruit or vegetable - about 1/3 of its volume

Try to explain to a child

Heed and relative sites with respect to his thoughts, abilities, feelings and character traits.And tell him about it.Encourage your child to ensure that it is as valued and respected others.Asks the child about what he feels or what is involved.Give your child understand that appearance - it is not important to the person, however, to send the child to school in clean, ironed clothes tion, and when he is old enough, then teach it yourself cause clothes in order and ensure that at She always had a neat appearance.Try to explain to a child that his body is very wisely arranged and that must satisfies the basic needs of the organism.A child who responds appropriately to the sensation of hunger, a burst of energy, fatigue, satiety and t.

General reactions: maculopapular

After reconstitution, the vaccine should be used within 30 minutes.In Russia, the vaccine is not yet registered.Immunity A single dose of vaccine to children leads to the appearance of antibodies in 95% of cases.85-90% of vaccinated children acquire long-lasting immunity (20 years and over).Okavaks healthy individuals gives the production of antibodies in 98% of vaccinees after a single administration.Vaccination undergone chickenpox patients with leukemia and HIV infection and reduce the incidence of shingles they.Reactogenicity Vaccines little reactogenic.Local reactions: pain and redness at the injection site.General reactions: maculopapular and vesicular rash, intermittent low-grade fever.Contraindications and m m u n o d e n e r a c and I with about with n and w e n and m e h and with l and l e d to o u t and about in a p e r f and f and p h with e to about th to p on in and; b e r e m e n n o s t s.

During the crisis

Most children have a low body weight, but some from an early age tend to be overweight.Characteristic of children with neuro-arthritic diathesis appearance atsetonemicheskih crises preceded arousal complaints of headaches, nausea, constipation, excessive consumption of meat and fatty foods.Given these multiple manifestations develops uncontrollable vomiting lasting 1-2 days, cramping abdominal pain, the smell of acetone breath Later these symptoms can join signs of dehydration, noisy breathing, poor circulation, reduced body temperature, coma.During the crisis in the blood levels of lactic acid, ammonia, ketone bodies.Treatment The organization of the daily routine with sufficient exposure to fresh air and proper nutrition.

Call an ambulance. Why does

Here's a simple solution: stop

Install railings or fences!Tune in to a great job, as your baby quickly orient as easily appear in the living room or the master bedroom with the words "I'm thirsty" or "One more story!".TRAVEL & TOURISMInstant dryingIt is quite a common situation: you are traveling with her daughter in the car, late for a children's birthday party, and at the worst possible moment baby manages to pour a bottle of water directly to your elegant dress

This method

With this method it is possible to take a piece of tissue (biopsy) for histological examination.This method is shown for removing foreign bodies caught in the larynx, trachea or bronchi child sucking the contents of the bronchi, washing them and direct administration of medicinal agents.Methods of study of external respiration Spirography and spirometry (definition and graphic registration of certain parameters characterizing the function of external respiration).Pneumotachograph and pneumatic (research maximum volumetric rate of forced inspiratory and expiratory) gives an indication of the resistance to the air flow, the conduction state of bronchial Oksigemografiya - principle is based on the photoelectric measurement of the absorption of light.Piece of tissue (usually pinna) is illuminated bulb.The light passing through the fabric falls on the photocell.Photocell illumination depends on the degree of blood oxygen saturation.

The intensity

Saved diarrheal disorders: loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting.Child complains of a dull pain in the abdomen, which are predominantly localized in the right upper quadrant.Jaundice increases gradually over 1-2 weeks, then it stabilizes at 5-7 days, and then gradually decreases.The intensity corresponds jaundice, as a rule, the severity of hepatitis and cholestatic severity of the syndrome.With an increase in jaundice noted bright discoloration of urine and feces (urine becomes darker feces still discolored).The child itchy skin.With an increase in jaundice liver increases in size, which is often accompanied by enlargement of the spleen.

If he cries every

Banal shampoo will turn into a game, if you take a bath in the mirror and see what whimsical figures obtained from the soapy hair.Shower instead of a bathWhen your kid will have to stand on their little legs, you can slightly vary the procedure bathing

If there is impact

It is useful to teach a toddler to ride a bike.If there is impact opportunity, buy your little boy or little daughter three-wheeled bicycle ped and let ride it not only during walking, but also at home.Undeservedly forgotten pedal cars, which are also on duty take the child and at the same time strengthen (at no axial load) leg muscles, and develop coordination and imagination.Diving all children need for harmonious development, but especially in need children with diseases of the musculoskeletal sy tem.Water, gently working on the body, relieves excessive muscle tension, calms the nervous system.Motion is easier, but to a greater extent.Swimming develops and strengthens the muscles of the whole body, has beneficial effects on metabolic processes in the body, trains the respiratory and cardiovascular system, strengthens the immune system.

I p and s and t in I d and d and t o m e n o r o a n a l and r a t o r a, n in about

I p and s and t in I d and d and t o m e n o r o a n a l and r a t o r a, n in about a corollary into and and and h e r a w n, and e (with about with a t o m e n s y, n o and k o v s y, t.d .) r e f l e c a s t to about l o p o i I hereby u and e with I n e t o o m y n e e g in with d and s I i l e m e n s o l e a p o w e e n i (l and b and p and n t n s y, and with and with th e t p and h s n th and c and m m e t r and s h n th w Krein s e t o n e and h i s e and p e p l e s to c).

Remember, your

Child needs more freedom, so give him a chance to crawl on the floor, low wide sofa, armchairs; Pitch him slide to the kid could climb and descend on their own, get up and walk to the GRO swarm.The child must learn to navigate in space known to him the room to go beyond his curiosity.Hard crawling on all fours on a smooth surface (and damage but), so it's best to lay on the floor carpet.Of course, sex is still mu must remain clean, warm and safe.Previously remove all the way baby items and types of furniture, which rye is not too stable.Remember, your motor skills re child rapidly, tomorrow he crawls to the things that you now seem inaccessible to him.Well, if the room is a minimum of furniture, but the maximum available space.To stimulate the thirst of knowledge at your baby, leave various interesting subjects in remote corners of the room.


Cook them in a steamer about 20 minutes until they are soft (check by piercing with a fork zucchini).While zucchini are in a double boiler, cook the peanut sauce: in a small saucepan, combine hot water, peanut butter, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, garlic and ginger.All this is thoroughly whisk with a fork and then gently warm the sauce to become sufficiently dense and homogeneous.If the sauce turned out too thick, add a little water.Pour this sauce ready kabacho K.In half of the tavern: 110 calories, 5 g protein, 15 g carbohydrates, 5 g fat, 4 g fiber, 96 mg sodium, calories protein - 16% carbohydrate calories - 50% fat calories - 34% Green beans in garlic sauce 700 g fresh green beans for 2 hours.tablespoons sesame oil 8 cloves garlic, minced 2 tbsp.tablespoons rice vinegar 1 Art.

Cereals should be stored

In addition, whole grains are an excellent source of fiber.Cereals have a pleasant taste that appeals to both children and adults.The biggest demand is smiling whole wheat, wheat flakes and bulgur, whole wheat flour, brown rice, oatmeal, whole barley and barley flour.Less well known, but slowly begin to assert itself Keane, amaranth, teff and kamut Abyssinian.Cereals should be stored in dry m, cool place.If the top layer of grain is damaged, as it happens when crushing or grinding for the manufacture of flour or oatmeal, that such a product should be consumed within 2-3 months.In cereals, in which the outer layer is intact and refurbished properly stored properly, all the nutrients remain for several years.

Burrito cook

Add the salad canned beans or chickpeas.adding sliced fresh vegetables there.These soups come in handy especially during travel.Burrito cook quickly and easily.They can be eaten hot or cold.On tortilla (tortilla) laid out ready grilled without butter beans, ready-mix of diced vegetables, pour sauce "salsa" and roll it all into a roll.same sauce "Salsa".Can be served with baked tortillas or fresh vegetables.corn and add to them the bean gravy, or decorate with fruit.In the "pocket" bread "eat" can put chickpeas mixed with prepared vegetable salad and without oil.Prepare vegetarians iansky burger: hamburger buns, mustard, ketchup, lettuce, onions and tomatoes.

Perhaps your baby

You should not eat anythingSurely you've seen how some children with delight and anticipation of a tasty worm pick up and send it to his mouth

Endocrine diseases

Endocrine diseases Diabetes mellitus Diabetes - a disease caused by relative or absolute deficiency of insulin production in P-cells of pancreatic islet apparatus characterized by the appearance and for this reason, metabolic disorders (primarily carbohydrate metabolism) in the body.Slowing of glucose in muscle and adipose tissue, impaired glycogen synthesis and the transition of carbohydrates into fat, increase glucose output from the cells lead to increase its content in the blood (hyperglycemia) and the subsequent appearance of glucose in the urine (glucosuria).In severe diabetes reduce the formation of carbohydrates higher fatty acids and neutral fat, high blood flow in the free fatty acids is accompanied by emaciation patients.


Microscopic examination of Slime to about l and t h e a d a m and; b r o d o m n and I and Mr.and l o n s t a i n e and n e s and I; n of a s w e n n a i with e to p e n to r and I f u n to u and I t l o s t of th k and w k and; h e a d s.Blood (erythrocytes) to about l and m e and h b l i s a s u m i and; g e m o r p of th; n of n and n s; t r e n, and n and x p r i m o d k and w to u.Blood "hidden": p r i s and in e n n o d b l e s o n and k and w h e H and a and d to e n d a c a t n e r s t n o w th k and k, and; p r and Kozlov to a h e s t a n e n u t h a b e l o a n i x and y l e d by a and k and w h e H and a.Leukocytes: - ulcerated colitis.Helminth eggs, larvae, segments: p p and p and s and l s h n x r o m m e n t and about z and x.L i m b l and u: in e r e t a t e s a n F o r m s and p and t s o n a r b y w and w a t i n p and l i m b l e and s.

It is temporary. Pathological

In the first

For example, the reflex Talent - arcuate bending body when stroking the skin along the spine, the "phenomenon walk" - when you touch the feet to support the child does stepper motion, or "creeping phenomenon" - when you touch your hands to the adult on soles baby, who is repelled by the hand and " creeps." These innate reflexes persist for long, up to - months.In the first months of life, when he saved physiological logical gipertonus flexor limb must use only the call of reflexes that are associated with straightening.On this principle, the basis of all active (ie, when a child commits a motion of its own) exercise.For passive (committed with an adult) motion tions limbs, in this age, they can not take place, as the presence of elevated tone flexor perform these movements associated with sharp resistance and the risk of child abuse him.

If you and your

And by pizza without cheese with pineapple and tomato pizza instead of "pepperoni", you rid your body of unwanted fat and 14 grams and 126 calories! There is nothing easier than to go on a healthy diet, and spent time on it, you will return a hundredfold.If you and your child eat a useful plant food and exercise, it is a way of life will bring you joy and stability s, making your body healthy and figure - a beautiful and graceful.PASSION diet MOTHER IS REFLECTED IN NUTRITION AND WEIGHT ITS DAUGHTERS A recent study by the University of Pennsylvania, contains evidence that concerns about St.oih extra pounds and craze diets very easily transmitted from mother to daughter.Scientists have found that mothers themselves constantly dieting and believing that their daughter likely to be overweight, imposed daughters their own ideas about nutrition.


Besides useful: Walking on an inclined bench Reinforce gymnastic bench or long board, lifting one end to a height of - cm Encourage your child to go to ska ­ Meike up, turn around and come down.Initially, helps the child, supporting him by the arm.Slip Put one end of the bench on the window sill or on a footrest.Encourage your child to move down on the bench.Usually children will gladly perform these tasks, but if your ma ­ lysh reason refuses, ask him to play.Game "Pat bear": Put on top of the "roller coaster" bear or any other igrushech ­ tion animal.Encourage your child to go upstairs and bent to pat toy.Game "Collect cubes": On top of the "roller coaster" secure basket cubes.Ask the kid to collect scattered cubes on the floor and move them into one basket.Game "with the ball slides": Kid climbs the "hump" and turns.Then rolls the ball down and run, catching it.

After such excursions

And see, where are meat, eggs and dairy products will help your child visit livestock farms, where animals are bred specifically for food purposes.After such excursions with children le softness abandon animal products.Another effective way - is to trace the chain for the production of industrial and processed foods from the source to the finished product in the package.From what the original products turned out each ingredient? Thu of the products made for these ingredients? What is the difference in the nutritional value of the final product obtained by high-tech processing and initial solid product? What happens to the remains of whole foods that have not been used to use? compare such a product that will label all solid product.

Kid should monitor

"Living Doll"

Last do without arms

Classes are held in the slow and medium pace Acceleration is dark and increase in amplitude of movements.Things hold an average pace, and some exercise - and in fast Often include relaxation and breathing pauses ITATION exercise.Last do without arms and legs of the child (the so-called static exercises mye) Rarely include a pause of rest, giving dy hatelnye exercises not only statistical cal, but with the movement of the arms and legs re child (so-called dynamic exercise) Beat the main complex, carrying it throughout the day in - divided doses In addition to the main complex to repeat some of the exercises and PRIE we massage times a day for - minutes Original position in the classroom - lying Starting position lying.When the rabbi developed the ability to knock movements in horizontal position of the tally (Tulo turns Visha, crawling, independent of additives nance and rising), some exer equation given in a sitting position *, and by year - standing Tone treatment to the child during lessons low, unhurried, calm Along with the usual tone treatment say busier * Exercise in the sitting position can be given if the child in this situation do not spin round and straight.


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