After such excursions

After such excursions And see, where are meat, eggs and dairy products will help your child visit livestock farms, where animals are bred specifically for food purposes.

After such excursions with children le softness abandon animal products.

Another effective way - is to trace the chain for the production of industrial and processed foods from the source to the finished product in the package.

From what the original products turned out each ingredient? Thu of the products made for these ingredients? What is the difference in the nutritional value of the final product obtained by high-tech processing and initial solid product? What happens to the remains of whole foods that have not been used to use? compare such a product that will label all solid product.

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Kid should monitor

Kid should monitor"Living Doll". Put on a finger cut from a paper doll and show her baby. Using toy tell from her face child any interesting story. Kid should monitor closely the doll and listen to what she says. This pack will allow razhnenie develop attention and ability to follow a moving object.

"Beads for Maroussi." Put the baby on colorful beads, which undoubtedly for its bright coloration interested. This exercise helps to develop the child's attention sequences.

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Last do without arms

Last do without arms Classes are held in the slow and medium pace Acceleration is dark and increase in amplitude of movements.

Things hold an average pace, and some exercise - and in fast Often include relaxation and breathing pauses ITATION exercise.

Last do without arms and legs of the child (the so-called static exercises mye) Rarely include a pause of rest, giving dy hatelnye exercises not only statistical cal, but with the movement of the arms and legs re child (so-called dynamic exercise) Beat the main complex, carrying it throughout the day in - divided doses In addition to the main complex to repeat some of the exercises and PRIE we massage times a day for - minutes Original position in the classroom - lying Starting position lying.

When the rabbi developed the ability to knock movements in horizontal position of the tally (Tulo turns Visha, crawling, independent of additives nance and rising), some exer equation given in a sitting position *, and by year - standing Tone treatment to the child during lessons low, unhurried, calm Along with the usual tone treatment say busier * Exercise in the sitting position can be given if the child in this situation do not spin round and straight.

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