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Leukocytes: - ulcerated colitis.

Helminth eggs, larvae, segments: p p and p and s and l s h n x r o m m e n t and about z and x.

L i m b l and u: in e r e t a t e s a n F o r m s and p and t s o n a r b y w and w a t i n p and l i m b l e and s.

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It is temporary. Pathological

It is temporary. Pathological Redness of the skin (hyperemia) may occur as a physiological phenomenon under high or low temperature, mechanical stimulation of the skin.

It is temporary.

Pathological hyperemia (redness) is usually permanent and can be observed in diseases accompanied by fever or when the amount of red blood cells (polycythemia).

If redness localized in the neck, cheeks, around the eyes, you can think of systemic lupus erythematosus.

Redness of the skin can be observed on wounds or inflammation of the joints.

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In the first

In the first For example, the reflex Talent - arcuate bending body when stroking the skin along the spine, the "phenomenon walk" - when you touch the feet to support the child does stepper motion, or "creeping phenomenon" - when you touch your hands to the adult on soles baby, who is repelled by the hand and " creeps.

" These innate reflexes persist for long, up to - months.

In the first months of life, when he saved physiological logical gipertonus flexor limb must use only the call of reflexes that are associated with straightening.

On this principle, the basis of all active (ie, when a child commits a motion of its own) exercise.

For passive (committed with an adult) motion tions limbs, in this age, they can not take place, as the presence of elevated tone flexor perform these movements associated with sharp resistance and the risk of child abuse him.

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If you and your

If you and your And by pizza without cheese with pineapple and tomato pizza instead of "pepperoni", you rid your body of unwanted fat and 14 grams and 126 calories! There is nothing easier than to go on a healthy diet, and spent time on it, you will return a hundredfold.

If you and your child eat a useful plant food and exercise, it is a way of life will bring you joy and stability s, making your body healthy and figure - a beautiful and graceful.

PASSION diet MOTHER IS REFLECTED IN NUTRITION AND WEIGHT ITS DAUGHTERS A recent study by the University of Pennsylvania, contains evidence that concerns about St.

oih extra pounds and craze diets very easily transmitted from mother to daughter.

Scientists have found that mothers themselves constantly dieting and believing that their daughter likely to be overweight, imposed daughters their own ideas about nutrition.

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Encourage Besides useful: Walking on an inclined bench Reinforce gymnastic bench or long board, lifting one end to a height of - cm Encourage your child to go to ska ­ Meike up, turn around and come down.

Initially, helps the child, supporting him by the arm.

Slip Put one end of the bench on the window sill or on a footrest.

Encourage your child to move down on the bench.

Usually children will gladly perform these tasks, but if your ma ­ lysh reason refuses, ask him to play.

Game "Pat bear": Put on top of the "roller coaster" bear or any other igrushech ­ tion animal.

Encourage your child to go upstairs and bent to pat toy.

Game "Collect cubes": On top of the "roller coaster" secure basket cubes.

Ask the kid to collect scattered cubes on the floor and move them into one basket.

Game "with the ball slides": Kid climbs the "hump" and turns.

Then rolls the ball down and run, catching it.

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