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The intensity

The intensity Saved diarrheal disorders: loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting.

Child complains of a dull pain in the abdomen, which are predominantly localized in the right upper quadrant.

Jaundice increases gradually over 1-2 weeks, then it stabilizes at 5-7 days, and then gradually decreases.

The intensity corresponds jaundice, as a rule, the severity of hepatitis and cholestatic severity of the syndrome.

With an increase in jaundice noted bright discoloration of urine and feces (urine becomes darker feces still discolored).

The child itchy skin.

With an increase in jaundice liver increases in size, which is often accompanied by enlargement of the spleen.

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If he cries every

If he cries everyBanal shampoo will turn into a game, if you take a bath in the mirror and see what whimsical figures obtained from the soapy hair.

Shower instead of a bath

When your kid will have to stand on their little legs, you can slightly vary the procedure bathing. If he cries every time it is time to take a bath, try to replace it with a shower. Shower should be on a flexible hose and pressure regulator have. New sensations on the skin during the event, likely to pleasantly surprise baby. If he does not like it should go back to bathing in a bath with foam.

Children's manicure

The procedure for children manicure and pedicure as well, as you know, has to be done with extreme caution and very gentle to the event occurred without incident.

We advise you to do it after a bath, as the nails are softer and swimming in any case will have a calming and relaxing effect. Show all your singing abilities - sing a song or offer child "read" the book to

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If there is impact

If there is impact It is useful to teach a toddler to ride a bike.

If there is impact opportunity, buy your little boy or little daughter three-wheeled bicycle ped and let ride it not only during walking, but also at home.

Undeservedly forgotten pedal cars, which are also on duty take the child and at the same time strengthen (at no axial load) leg muscles, and develop coordination and imagination.

Diving all children need for harmonious development, but especially in need children with diseases of the musculoskeletal sy tem.

Water, gently working on the body, relieves excessive muscle tension, calms the nervous system.

Motion is easier, but to a greater extent.

Swimming develops and strengthens the muscles of the whole body, has beneficial effects on metabolic processes in the body, trains the respiratory and cardiovascular system, strengthens the immune system.

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I p and s and t in I d and d and t o m e n o r o a n a l and r a t o r a, n in about

I p and s and t in I d and d and t o m e n o r o a n a l and r a t o r a, n in about I p and s and t in I d and d and t o m e n o r o a n a l and r a t o r a, n in about a corollary into and and and h e r a w n, and e (with about with a t o m e n s y, n o and k o v s y, t.

d .

) r e f l e c a s t to about l o p o i I hereby u and e with I n e t o o m y n e e g in with d and s I i l e m e n s o l e a p o w e e n i (l and b and p and n t n s y, and with and with th e t p and h s n th and c and m m e t r and s h n th w Krein s e t o n e and h i s e and p e p l e s to c).

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Remember, your

Remember, your Child needs more freedom, so give him a chance to crawl on the floor, low wide sofa, armchairs; Pitch him slide to the kid could climb and descend on their own, get up and walk to the GRO swarm.

The child must learn to navigate in space known to him the room to go beyond his curiosity.

Hard crawling on all fours on a smooth surface (and damage but), so it's best to lay on the floor carpet.

Of course, sex is still mu must remain clean, warm and safe.

Previously remove all the way baby items and types of furniture, which rye is not too stable.

Remember, your motor skills re child rapidly, tomorrow he crawls to the things that you now seem inaccessible to him.

Well, if the room is a minimum of furniture, but the maximum available space.

To stimulate the thirst of knowledge at your baby, leave various interesting subjects in remote corners of the room.

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