General reactions: maculopapular

General reactions: maculopapular After reconstitution, the vaccine should be used within 30 minutes.

In Russia, the vaccine is not yet registered.

Immunity A single dose of vaccine to children leads to the appearance of antibodies in 95% of cases.

85-90% of vaccinated children acquire long-lasting immunity (20 years and over).

Okavaks healthy individuals gives the production of antibodies in 98% of vaccinees after a single administration.

Vaccination undergone chickenpox patients with leukemia and HIV infection and reduce the incidence of shingles they.

Reactogenicity Vaccines little reactogenic.

Local reactions: pain and redness at the injection site.

General reactions: maculopapular and vesicular rash, intermittent low-grade fever.

Contraindications and m m u n o d e n e r a c and I with about with n and w e n and m e h and with l and l e d to o u t and about in a p e r f and f and p h with e to about th to p on in and; b e r e m e n n o s t s.

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During the crisis

During the crisis Most children have a low body weight, but some from an early age tend to be overweight.

Characteristic of children with neuro-arthritic diathesis appearance atsetonemicheskih crises preceded arousal complaints of headaches, nausea, constipation, excessive consumption of meat and fatty foods.

Given these multiple manifestations develops uncontrollable vomiting lasting 1-2 days, cramping abdominal pain, the smell of acetone breath Later these symptoms can join signs of dehydration, noisy breathing, poor circulation, reduced body temperature, coma.

During the crisis in the blood levels of lactic acid, ammonia, ketone bodies.

Treatment The organization of the daily routine with sufficient exposure to fresh air and proper nutrition.

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Call an ambulance. Why does

Call an ambulance. Why doesIn partial blockage (occlusion), the child can breathe in and out, talking or crying, coughing and breathing (often noisy breathing).

In partial obstruction did not do any of the above manipulation, as they may lead to the fact that a partial blockage (occlusion) is transformed into a full obstruction. Call an ambulance.

Why does hair fall out?

In infants, the hair falls out, and that's fine. In children two years of age can also losing his hair, and it's not normal. Here are some possible causes of hair loss:

Alopecia (alopecia), alopecia, in which hair is falling beams in different parts of the head. In most cases the hair grow back in a couple of weeks. Читать полностью -->

Here's a simple solution: stop

Here's a simple solution: stopInstall railings or fences!

Tune in to a great job, as your baby quickly orient as easily appear in the living room or the master bedroom with the words "I'm thirsty" or "One more story!".


Instant drying

It is quite a common situation: you are traveling with her daughter in the car, late for a children's birthday party, and at the worst possible moment baby manages to pour a bottle of water directly to your elegant dress. There is no time to turn to the same on all sides are heard angry honking. Here's a simple solution: stop the machine and remove her dress. Spread the wet clothes on the armrest or center console. Close all the side air ducts to provide a blow hot air central console. Then, having fastened seat belts, turn the most ardent heating mode in the cabin and go. Читать полностью -->

This method

This method With this method it is possible to take a piece of tissue (biopsy) for histological examination.

This method is shown for removing foreign bodies caught in the larynx, trachea or bronchi child sucking the contents of the bronchi, washing them and direct administration of medicinal agents.

Methods of study of external respiration Spirography and spirometry (definition and graphic registration of certain parameters characterizing the function of external respiration).

Pneumotachograph and pneumatic (research maximum volumetric rate of forced inspiratory and expiratory) gives an indication of the resistance to the air flow, the conduction state of bronchial Oksigemografiya - principle is based on the photoelectric measurement of the absorption of light.

Piece of tissue (usually pinna) is illuminated bulb.

The light passing through the fabric falls on the photocell.

Photocell illumination depends on the degree of blood oxygen saturation.

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