With the disappearance

With the disappearance Language in the first days of illness thickly coated with white bloom, with two-third of the day begins to be cleaned, it becomes bright red, grainy, recalling ripe raspberries ("strawberry tongue").

Acute period of illness lasts 4-5 days, and then the child is improving.

With the disappearance of the rash and decreased body temperature goes angina.

At the end of the first week of illness skin starts to peel off in the form of delicate flakes first on the face, and then the trunk and limbs.

Scarlet fever may develop after infection with streptococcus wound ("surgical scarlet fever"), burn surfaces and streptococcal skin diseases.

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Antihistamine Calamine lotion. Active ingredient - calamine with other means

of protection such as zinc oxide. It soothes the skin after sunburn or

insect bites. Disadvantage: The skin is covered with a thick, sticky crust immediately as

only lotion dries.

Antihistamine lotion. Its active ingredient may be absorbed into the bloodstream

through the skin open. Sunburn, chicken pox, various stimuli - the most

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As the child is 6 months

As the child is 6 months Children aged from nine months to one year should be given soy mixture with s in a cup along with their food.

If a child - over 1 year old and is already eating solid food, it is best just to add to his diet of soy or rice milk fortified with calcium and vitamin D.

Remarkably, when the child is transferred to solid food more sparing yaschim way.

For example, two feeding can be eliminated, when the baby is one year and only one bottle per day.

This is a good way out in cases when the baby loves cargo The battery feeding or artificial nutrition and unwilling to part with him even after he successfully began to drink from a cup soy milk.

as the child is 6 months old, converting it to food from a bottle.

Some babies refuse food because of the rubber bottle nipples, which is not as soft and warm as a mother's breast.

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P p on p and n and m to and for a t e p u and n in k l w h a e t in with e b I of b l u d e n e and g and g and f n and h e i s o r o p e w and m and n p and to on p m l e n and and p e b e n to a with d e s and n f e a c e and d with about a to about a d o and p o s l e to o p l m e n and i, n p and a and l s n o n e p and l a d s c a n e and p e b e n to a to g p y q and with t e m , h t o b s o n z and x and in t s in a l n e t o l s to about to about to about to , n on and on b l a s t s in about a p y Mr.

e r o.

K on p m e n n e and d o n w n o d l and t s a i n e b o l e e 10-15 m and n in t .

W and with tons of th m of about l to n and p of I in I l e t i have a l e and h e n e and m to about l and h e a r c a m o l o to a , with o p p o in o w d and w u and m i chest pain.

Sometimes the temperature increases.

Typically, these effects disappear when an equilibrium between secretion and intake quantity of milk.

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White slippery

White slippery In turn, the cholesterol in your As you now know, the lack in the diet of animal products (all kinds of meat, eggs and dairy products) will provide your body with a low level of cholesterol.

All kinds of fruits, vegetables, cereals and legumes contain ho lesterin and saturated fat in them is very small.

Care should be taken so that the fat intake was minimal.

White slippery environment.

This refers to all types of fat.

Vegetable oil, which is fried, oil, which is added to a salad, as well as animal fat, can reduce the functioning of white blood cells.

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