If there are signs

If there are signs Antibiotic therapy should be based on the sensitivity of microorganisms isolated from urine to antibiotics.

Changing drug treatment is carried out for a long time.

If there are signs of intoxication, dizureticheskih disorders, pain antibacterial therapy with drugs such as ampicillin, ampioks, cephalosporins, carbenicillin, the introduction of which is preferably carried out by intramuscular injection 3-4 times a day.

Aminoglycoside antibiotics are considered redundant, which is administered with the ineffectiveness of the above drugs, 2 times a day for children older than 6 years of age.

Nitrofuranovye drugs - furadonin, furagin, furazolidone, solafur.

Preparations nalidoksovoy acid - nevigramon, blacks, drugs 5-NOC Nicodin.

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Why is this

Why is this Disgusting habits: picking your nose

When you notice how your kid picks his nose, your first reaction is, 'Oh my God, stop this vile picking! ", And the expression of your face at this moment worthy of Jimma Carrie at moments when his face like a rubber. Why is this the wrong way, if you want to wean the child from the habit? He will respond to the above remark as follows: "Look, this is how I eat you." Since then swallowing Koszul.

Fact of life: children eat their Koszul (gnats). Eat, eat, and you do not have the strength to stop this inevitability. Choose from the list, why is it a problem for you: socially unacceptable; efficient transmission of colds and flu germs through toys siblings / friends, can cause nosebleeds and impetigo (a superficial pyoderma - inflammation of the skin caused by pyogenic germs).

Here's how to wean a child picking his nose (but remember you can not win this battle, until he was or years old): suggest a tissue handkerchief and help him blow his nose, if needed. Moisturize your room, especially at night, to stop the drying of mucus in the nose, which accumulates per night. Spread the nostrils a little lip balm or petroleum jelly to keep the skin moist. Читать полностью -->


Provides Currently , there are 15 basic diets or nutritional therapy tables.

The main types of diets Diet number 1 promotes the normalization of gastric various destructive, inflammatory and secretory-motor disorders of its activities.

Provides for the restriction of food, having mechanical, chemical and thermal stimuli receptor apparatus of the stomach (the maximum limit - diet number 1a, a significant limitation - number 16 diet, moderate restriction - number 1 diet), as well as food, prone to long digestion.

Food must be fractional, small portions, at least 5-6 times a day.

Indications for use: g and with t r and t s , p and h l and h n o d e r and l on g and u; I h in e n n a i b o l e s n s w e l y d to a and d to e n a d a p t and p e r s t n o d k and w to u .

Chandrasekhar with a m t and n and p e m and n and u and - n e m e n e f 5 -6 p and s in t h e e n and e e n i.

Features cooking: chopping, pureeing, deekstragirovanie (boiling in water or a couple) of meat, fish, vegetables, with the exception of meat, fish, vegetables, Navara, roasting and saute, restriction of sodium chloride up to 8 g / day.

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Picking etsya he not passport

Picking etsya he not passport They differ from the complexes for healthy full-term children more gradual increase in load as in the computer Lexie and throughout the st year of life (for example, if the donor deprived of their peers provided complexes -, for the children of this group - ) .

It offers a choice of over dosage and indi vidual load.

For premature infants in group also chosen complex massage and gymnastics of the nine submitted complexes.

Picking etsya he not passport age child, and according to its level of psychomotor development.

Premature babies rd and th groups are not only more pronounced conjugated time shifts in the development of neuropsychiatric reactions and movements, they can be and neurological disorders associated with CNS disease, more common diseases of the locomotor apparatus, organs respiratory and other organs and systems.

When selecting complex for this group of children should take into account the more be interpreted not chronological age of the child, and the true, which is determined by the level of its development.

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It is important

It is important He understands the feelings that are experienced when moving forward.

At months old baby is lifted on straightened arms, relying only on the palm.

It is important to brush the baby was well disclosed, fingers straightened.

To achieve this, clap hands kami child on their palms, on various solid surfaces (table, wall, etc.


Three-four-child becomes more sociable: on begins to "gulit", often smiling.

On appeal adults and affectionate conversation answers "complex revival": the joy expressed SMILE Coy, sounds and active movements of arms and legs (as a child would dare smiling the whole body).

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