On the street

On the streetWork for Galina in the first place, but it does not have the problem of time. With ease she copes with household chores and assigns a certain period of time for fun. Practical mind Galina often makes it prudent, but it does not lose politeness in all circumstances. She needs people Galina winning a kindness and charm.

Galina retains many fans for life, and going to get married, she will choose the best man of her entourage, which will be combined with beauty, wit and adoration of her person. Her education will lead to the fact that she will be a leader in its her family.

Holiday: March 23, April 2


Translated from Greek - "awake, awake." Small Griego ries committed to ensuring not to upset their parents. He tries to be an exemplary son, but its inherent restlessness often brings his efforts to naught. On the street he likes to play active games, run, climb trees. Therefore his parents after blowing to be ready to bedraggled or torn clothing, as well as elbows and knees knocked stone. He knows that girls can not hurt, and often forgiving them, but if it is badly hurt, he can not help but to take revenge.

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