Provides Currently , there are 15 basic diets or nutritional therapy tables.

The main types of diets Diet number 1 promotes the normalization of gastric various destructive, inflammatory and secretory-motor disorders of its activities.

Provides for the restriction of food, having mechanical, chemical and thermal stimuli receptor apparatus of the stomach (the maximum limit - diet number 1a, a significant limitation - number 16 diet, moderate restriction - number 1 diet), as well as food, prone to long digestion.

Food must be fractional, small portions, at least 5-6 times a day.

Indications for use: g and with t r and t s , p and h l and h n o d e r and l on g and u; I h in e n n a i b o l e s n s w e l y d to a and d to e n a d a p t and p e r s t n o d k and w to u .

Chandrasekhar with a m t and n and p e m and n and u and - n e m e n e f 5 -6 p and s in t h e e n and e e n i.

Features cooking: chopping, pureeing, deekstragirovanie (boiling in water or a couple) of meat, fish, vegetables, with the exception of meat, fish, vegetables, Navara, roasting and saute, restriction of sodium chloride up to 8 g / day.

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