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Picking etsya he not passport They differ from the complexes for healthy full-term children more gradual increase in load as in the computer Lexie and throughout the st year of life (for example, if the donor deprived of their peers provided complexes -, for the children of this group - ) .

It offers a choice of over dosage and indi vidual load.

For premature infants in group also chosen complex massage and gymnastics of the nine submitted complexes.

Picking etsya he not passport age child, and according to its level of psychomotor development.

Premature babies rd and th groups are not only more pronounced conjugated time shifts in the development of neuropsychiatric reactions and movements, they can be and neurological disorders associated with CNS disease, more common diseases of the locomotor apparatus, organs respiratory and other organs and systems.

When selecting complex for this group of children should take into account the more be interpreted not chronological age of the child, and the true, which is determined by the level of its development.

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