Antihistamine Calamine lotion. Active ingredient - calamine with other means

of protection such as zinc oxide. It soothes the skin after sunburn or

insect bites. Disadvantage: The skin is covered with a thick, sticky crust immediately as

only lotion dries.

Antihistamine lotion. Its active ingredient may be absorbed into the bloodstream

through the skin open. Sunburn, chicken pox, various stimuli - the most

common cases in which this is applied lotion. Beware: it

can cause secondary irritation and rashes.

Moisturizing lotions. Emollients which contain water in oil

emulsions, rehydrated dry keratinized tissue (which causes flaking and itching).

Children no need of aloe or flavors, or additives.

Any vegetable oil is odorless.

We protect teeth

Baby teeth - small and strong, but they also need constant care to stay healthy. From the moment the first teeth erupted, especially if the diet contains a variety of foods, teeth should be brushed regularly, scraping plaque. Wadding, gauze stick or washcloth are perfect for the first time, but when your child is able to stand and walk (between and months), you need something more serious.

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