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As the child is 6 months

As the child is 6 months Children aged from nine months to one year should be given soy mixture with s in a cup along with their food.

If a child - over 1 year old and is already eating solid food, it is best just to add to his diet of soy or rice milk fortified with calcium and vitamin D.

Remarkably, when the child is transferred to solid food more sparing yaschim way.

For example, two feeding can be eliminated, when the baby is one year and only one bottle per day.

This is a good way out in cases when the baby loves cargo The battery feeding or artificial nutrition and unwilling to part with him even after he successfully began to drink from a cup soy milk.

as the child is 6 months old, converting it to food from a bottle.

Some babies refuse food because of the rubber bottle nipples, which is not as soft and warm as a mother's breast.

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