Adding mashed

Adding mashedTo enrich porridge mineral salts to be added to it various puree - berry, fruit or vegetable - about 1/3 of its volume. Adding mashed not only improves the taste of porridge, but also enriches it with nutrients real you and vitamins necessary for baby's growing body.

As an additive to porridges can be prepared a variety of pureed apricots, BU lok, prunes, carrots, pumpkin, zucchini. The puree can do themselves, but it is best to use ready, which are produced by the food industry. These mashed ne Renos children much better.

All the matter is that the manufacture of puree products are passed through a special apparatus that lead to a more complete crushing than when rubbed through a sieve.

Also be very useful to use commercially available soups or ka shi, which are made from a mixture of rice, buckwheat, corn, oat flour in combination with fruit and vegetable powders.

These products allow you to vary the diet of the child, as well as enrich it just personal vitamins. Cereals and flour mixture, excluding diversity of taste dishes contain protein diet and do a lot more high-grade, since they are composed of amino acids, so that these products are gaining greater biological value.

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