Here's a simple solution: stop

Here's a simple solution: stopInstall railings or fences!

Tune in to a great job, as your baby quickly orient as easily appear in the living room or the master bedroom with the words "I'm thirsty" or "One more story!".


Instant drying

It is quite a common situation: you are traveling with her daughter in the car, late for a children's birthday party, and at the worst possible moment baby manages to pour a bottle of water directly to your elegant dress. There is no time to turn to the same on all sides are heard angry honking. Here's a simple solution: stop the machine and remove her dress. Spread the wet clothes on the armrest or center console. Close all the side air ducts to provide a blow hot air central console. Then, having fastened seat belts, turn the most ardent heating mode in the cabin and go. The dress will be completely dry at the time of your arrival to the party.

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