This method

This method With this method it is possible to take a piece of tissue (biopsy) for histological examination.

This method is shown for removing foreign bodies caught in the larynx, trachea or bronchi child sucking the contents of the bronchi, washing them and direct administration of medicinal agents.

Methods of study of external respiration Spirography and spirometry (definition and graphic registration of certain parameters characterizing the function of external respiration).

Pneumotachograph and pneumatic (research maximum volumetric rate of forced inspiratory and expiratory) gives an indication of the resistance to the air flow, the conduction state of bronchial Oksigemografiya - principle is based on the photoelectric measurement of the absorption of light.

Piece of tissue (usually pinna) is illuminated bulb.

The light passing through the fabric falls on the photocell.

Photocell illumination depends on the degree of blood oxygen saturation.

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