If there is impact

If there is impact It is useful to teach a toddler to ride a bike.

If there is impact opportunity, buy your little boy or little daughter three-wheeled bicycle ped and let ride it not only during walking, but also at home.

Undeservedly forgotten pedal cars, which are also on duty take the child and at the same time strengthen (at no axial load) leg muscles, and develop coordination and imagination.

Diving all children need for harmonious development, but especially in need children with diseases of the musculoskeletal sy tem.

Water, gently working on the body, relieves excessive muscle tension, calms the nervous system.

Motion is easier, but to a greater extent.

Swimming develops and strengthens the muscles of the whole body, has beneficial effects on metabolic processes in the body, trains the respiratory and cardiovascular system, strengthens the immune system.

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