Remember, your

Remember, your Child needs more freedom, so give him a chance to crawl on the floor, low wide sofa, armchairs; Pitch him slide to the kid could climb and descend on their own, get up and walk to the GRO swarm.

The child must learn to navigate in space known to him the room to go beyond his curiosity.

Hard crawling on all fours on a smooth surface (and damage but), so it's best to lay on the floor carpet.

Of course, sex is still mu must remain clean, warm and safe.

Previously remove all the way baby items and types of furniture, which rye is not too stable.

Remember, your motor skills re child rapidly, tomorrow he crawls to the things that you now seem inaccessible to him.

Well, if the room is a minimum of furniture, but the maximum available space.

To stimulate the thirst of knowledge at your baby, leave various interesting subjects in remote corners of the room.

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