Encourage Besides useful: Walking on an inclined bench Reinforce gymnastic bench or long board, lifting one end to a height of - cm Encourage your child to go to ska ­ Meike up, turn around and come down.

Initially, helps the child, supporting him by the arm.

Slip Put one end of the bench on the window sill or on a footrest.

Encourage your child to move down on the bench.

Usually children will gladly perform these tasks, but if your ma ­ lysh reason refuses, ask him to play.

Game "Pat bear": Put on top of the "roller coaster" bear or any other igrushech ­ tion animal.

Encourage your child to go upstairs and bent to pat toy.

Game "Collect cubes": On top of the "roller coaster" secure basket cubes.

Ask the kid to collect scattered cubes on the floor and move them into one basket.

Game "with the ball slides": Kid climbs the "hump" and turns.

Then rolls the ball down and run, catching it.

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