Very good movement

Very good movement great advantage of these sports centers is that they to ") can be engaged as a yearling baby and his father.

Little kids love to imitate, eager to compete with mom, dad, sconces or that sister.

These classes are all like, create good contact between parents and children, while developing strength, agility, flexibility bone coordination.

If equipped with a sports area is not possible, then podoy wee physical exercises to creatively: Use as sports equipment pattern carpet, chair, low coffee table, playground equipment.

Very good movement to improve child tion outdoors while hiking.

Uneven ground and descents, uphill (flat and steep), the stones on the road, the roots of the trees, the grooves - all this helps to develop the baby's sense of power equilibrium, coordination of movements.

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Techniques include: ) the treatment

Techniques include: ) the treatment Start gymnastics wrong with exercises based on innate reflexes newborn.

These exercises are active, they are more forgiving than passive, ie exercises that adult about lead themselves, such as bending and straightening your child's feet.

Techniques include: ) the treatment of the situation, ) medical gim nastika ) classical techniques and acupressure.

These methods can be used simultaneously (in concert) or serially ( alternate).

Preferential use of one or the other method is defined as the state of health of the child and his disease, but also trenirovannostju body during training.

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Raise the baby

Raise the baby Breast Massage Make stroking his upper chest - times, then - according to glazhivanie intercostal spaces - Islands of Podtantsovy Vibrating massage the chest (see II complex number ).

"Guy" on the back I.


: Baby lying on his back.

Grasp the child so that your hands are placed on the back- side surface of the body at the bottom of rudnoy cells.

Raise the baby in the horizontal position.

In response to this situation the child's head leans forward and tighten all the muscles in the front surface of the body .

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Of the total number

Of the total number Anorexia can be life-threatening, this disease is very difficult to treat.

Of the total number of patients with anorexia nervosa, 20% never recover.

Weight loss of 25% or more and the failure to remain within the normal weight Strong fear of getting fat Perception of themselves as a very fat man, despite his real leanness.

In women, the absence of at least three consecutive menstrual cycles Of all patients with anorexia nervosa 90% are women, often teenagers.

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On the street

On the streetWork for Galina in the first place, but it does not have the problem of time. With ease she copes with household chores and assigns a certain period of time for fun. Practical mind Galina often makes it prudent, but it does not lose politeness in all circumstances. She needs people Galina winning a kindness and charm.

Galina retains many fans for life, and going to get married, she will choose the best man of her entourage, which will be combined with beauty, wit and adoration of her person. Her education will lead to the fact that she will be a leader in its her family.

Holiday: March 23, April 2


Translated from Greek - "awake, awake." Small Griego ries committed to ensuring not to upset their parents. He tries to be an exemplary son, but its inherent restlessness often brings his efforts to naught. Читать полностью -->

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